its applications
Up to now, Eleogenetics has been applied mainly in the following fields

  •   Psychotherapy

 Following the Eleogenetic Approach, the duty of the therapist is like opening breaches where life can sprout from again. When a breach is open, grass and flowers begin to diffuse themselves everywhere, following their own logic in the interaction with the ground they are growing on. An experience like this can feature a major change in the life of a patient, because it implies to some extent a divestiture, a transfer of control.

  • Supervision for psichotherapists and clinical supervision for professionals in the social field (educators, social workers)

The Elegenetic approach emphasizes the following style of conduction and work:

discussion of the systemic aspctes of the situations, with particular attention to the future e to the role it plays in the system

appreciation of feelings”, focusing carefully to feelings of grief and pain that are difficult to host and work through in the professional relationship

grooming creativity in the professionals, and consequntly in the persons they take care of

attention to the quality of the work in the groups and to the wellness of the relationships

  • Applications to treatment and care in hospital and other institutions

It is peculiar of mercy and of Eleogenetic practices to take place in events and interactions whose order of magnitude is small; in consequence of this, events of this kind tend to be underrated and neglected, meanwhile they strongly affect the quality of the everyday life in health organizations and also the destiny of a care relationship. It is crucial to take in consideration these exchanges in accord with the real conditions in which they take place. Eleogenetics claim that the more one is honest in approaching reality, the more one will tend to assume merciful attitudes.

  • Vocational guidance and life choices

When one prepares to take on important life choices it is important to "stay a while and reflect" on oneself, on what one considers worth, as well as to work through one's own feelings, emotions and relationships that are the living ground in which the choice will be made.

In particular, the Eleogenetic Approach focuses on the following questions:

which encounters, in the story of my life, have been crucial in leading me to take into account the choices I'm pondering now?

which discontinuities, in the story of my life and also of my family, even in the span of generations, have affected its course the most, both in positive and negative ways?

what do I wish for my future? Which kind of fantasies do I have about it?

which are the most important aspects of my relational world presently?

what kind of talents I'm able to put into play spontaneously and effectively?

which aspects of me are neglected, weak, needy, obscure and oppressive? What in me is still unresolved and waits to be acknowledged, welcome, respected, looked after?

 ·         Dream study and dream working

The study of dream function is strictly connected to creativity, change, resilience and beyond. Although things might be different in arts and religion, in general human narratives show a tension toward continuity, where discontinuity is experienced instead as a «break» in form of a positive surprise or of an inconvenient. The peculiar narrative of dreams features itself as an intermediate state in this tension, with continuity and discontinuity standing side by side and overlapping. Traditionally, both in theory and clinical practice, nocturnal discontinuities have been treated as if they would reflect not well-elaborated diurnal discontinuities, especially traumas and developmental breakdown. I propose to approach discontinuities in dreams as information coming straight from the being future oriented of the dreamer. In this frame, the diurnal «discontinuous» events and the nocturnal «discontinuous» contents of a dream appear to be like products of the interaction between the peculiar dreamer’s entanglement in the past and the peculiar way the dreamer is attracted by the future.

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